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The CM42 Masonry Saw provides excellent cutting accuracy. It features a wide conveyor cart, long reinforced frame and ergonomic handles for better comfort during use.

It is easy to transport and store as it contains folding legs with repositionable tightening handle and transport wheels making it suitable for all construction and industrial work sites.

The Norton Clipper CM501 is a high performance, robust masonry saw with a modern design. The Clipper CM501 is highly versatile and suitable for cutting a wide variety of smaller and medium sized materials such as brick, blocks, concrete, natural stone, refractory products, roof tiles, masonry materials etc.

The CM501 is also an ideal core saw, suitable for cutting core samples in laboratories or at source, often in remote locations. Indeed, the uses for this highly versatile bench saw are seemingly endless and is why it dominates sites, industry and educational facilities around the world.

The CM 35 Mini Clipper masonry saw provides a precise cut for a wide variety of building materials such as bricks, block paving and roof tiles.  Perfect for cutting building materials closer to the point of installation, minimising any bending or lifting and therefore decreasing strain on the body.  The CM 35, with its pendula cutting head, also minimises the risks of kickback and lock-in, which is more commonly experienced with hand-held saws.

Weighing just 40 kilograms and around 30% smaller than the other masonry saws in the Norton Clipper range, the CM 35 is a compact, portable machine that will perform just as well as its larger Norton Clipper counterpart.