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Diesel Welder Gens – 300amp

Lincoln Ranger

The Ranger 305 0 CE is a powerful 300-amp DC mUlti-process diesel engine driven welder designed especially for contractors, maintenance & repair and all other field based welding professionals who demand the best welding arc from an engine driven welder.

What makes the Ranger 305 0 CE unique to other engine driven welders is that this machine has been designed using Lincoln’s Chopper Technology ™ giving you excellent arc characteristics whether you are in stick (conventional or pipe~, TlG, MIG or arc gouging modes of operation.

Rugged and dependable, the Ranger 3050 CE is built within a totally enclosed case, which provides maximum protection to its 45-litre fuel tank top-of-the-line water-cooled Kubota 18.8 HP 0722 diesel engine.

This portable powerhouse delivers 8000 continuous (8.500 peak~ watts of 120V/240V/415v AC generator power, enough power to run lights, tools, pump and weld all at the same time! The Ranger 305 0 CE meets all the new stringent European regulations including 50Hz, sound-proofing and 110v, 240v & 415v power requirements.
Fitted as standard, this machine has both a digital volt and amp meter essential for welding. Please note all prices do not include VAT.

Diesel Welder Gens – 300amp

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