Nailing – Paslode (1st Fix)

£10.00 1 week: £50.00

Pasload IM350 Nailer
Completely self powered, the IM350 takes only seconds to load with fasteners, fuel cells and rechargeable battery meaning your working sooner and faster.
Ideal for a huge variety of applications including: -Timber Frames, Joists, Noggins, Soffits, Sheathing, Partitioning, Flooring, Fencing, Flat Roofing, Batten Fixing, Rafters, Recreational Decking … and many more!
Drives 51-90mm Ring or Smooth Shank Strip Nails-850 Nails per Fuel Cell / 4000 Nails per Battery Charge-Weight 3.1kg. Please note all prices do not include VAT.

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